Educational Workshops
I am available to do writing workshops, school lectures, and powerpoint presentations, all aimed at exciting children about the writing process. With a doctorate in education and twenty years of teaching experience, I bring knowledge as well as a love of reading and writing to my presentations. The goal is to allow children to create their own books. I work with students from elementary school through high school, providing them with visual prompts for which they write their own text.

Contact me at to design a program tailored to the needs of your students. Prices begin as low as $250. for a full day session. Programs include:
  1. Classroom Rap-teach math, science, English, history through informative and entertaining rap songs.
  2. Create your own story: Take students as young as K,1,2 through a story, discussing the creative process, and then help them create their own book.
  3. Create your own box craft. This session can be tied into art class or the "how-to" essay in English class. Students learn about the process vehind writing Just Give Me a Box-a craft book of projects made from boxes, see a demonstration, then work in small groups to create their own box project. They finish by writing up "how-to" instructions so others can make their project as well. Teachers may opt to photograph the projects and create a book with the crafts and the instructions to be shared with other students in the school library.
  4. Middle School program on bullying, feeling different using Bulb-head as a springboard for discussion. This book can also be tied into a history lesson about President Kennedy, the space program, or The Cuban Missile Crisis, or the difference between life now and in the 1960's.
  5. Pre-school storytelling with interactive stories.